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Jackal Black - Full Auto Front Firing Machine Pistol


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Product Information

Jackal Black - Full Auto Front Firing Machine Pistol



The Jackal is a replica of a Beretta 92 and fires 15 rounds in 1.9 seconds. This replica features durable steel alloy frame and accurate weight.

Three Modes:
* Semi-Auto
* Full-Auto
* Safety

15 and 25 Round magazines available

Now Available in Front Fire! 
Experience the heart thumping, "rat-tat-tat." 
Feel the recoil and rapid fire report during real time scenarios.

Note: Safety switch on top of the gun is for display only. Safety is engaged with the selector switch above the trigger.

Capacity: 15 or 25 Shots
Weight: 2.5 lb
Length: 8.5"
Finish: Black
Caliber: 9mmPA
Includes: 15 Round Magazine
Hardshell case


Product Code: F38-5207

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4

Nice pistol

I would have given it five stars if the safety on the slide functioned. This Turkish made Beretta 92FS replica is all steel, unlike the original which has an aluminum alloy receiver, and is equally well made. I opted for a blank firing pistol because I live in a very rural area and I wanted something to scare away mountain lions and bears that are killing the deer that feed on my property. This EKOL does the trick. With Walther 9mm P.A.K. rounds it's VERY loud (use some type of ear protection even outdoors) and performs beautifully in semi and full auto modes. The orange plug in the barrel is metal rather than plastic and the paint was not applied properly since it wiped off while I was cleaning fingerprints with a silicone cloth. The pistol ships in a plastic case and includes a small metal adapter which, I read somewhere, is used to fire flares. It can't be screwed into the barrel with the orange plug installed and I don't see any way to remove the plug. There's no mention of it in the manual. I'm pleased with this purchase and "Blank Guns Direct" has the best price I've found.

Stephen :: 24 May 2015, 15:45

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